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Iโ€™ve always been the kind of person where my emotional highs are very high and my lows are how-low-can-you-go kind of lows and I write from both extremes. When the feelings well up and Iโ€™ve screamed, cried or laughed till it hurt and still have more to say--then I turn to music to help process the rest of the emotions. Finishing a song is like putting to rest that issue, relationship or feeling that I had. I metaphorically put it in a song-box, tie a bow and call it a day.

I love to be at home with my guitar on the couch or out on the dance floor. I perfected my bootylicious moves listening to Destinyโ€™s Child in high school!

I canโ€™t live without my God, my husband and my son of course! Iโ€™d be sad without chocolate and access to every single Beatles album at all times. Also it would be a terrible world without mascara for us blonde-lashed girls of the world.

Love, Carolyn

What I love most about myself is my thought process. I tend to think slowly, methodically and metaphorically. Sometimes I veer off into an abstract abyss, but I always wander back. On that note, I really love studying science and math (nerd alert). I think too much for my own good, and I enjoy it.

I am most uncomfortable when I feel misunderstood, or unable to express and communicate myself. Most of my childhood nightmares revolve around being unable to speak or move. Writing music is the perfect rebuttal to this fear. I write music to liberate my thoughts, but more importantly, to connect with other people.

My happy place? In a thrift store, marketplace, or busy street drinking coffee. Iโ€™m a romantic person, and tend to have faith and respect for just about anyone or anything. I have faith in the potential for a piece of furniture to be restored into a masterpiece, and I imagine that the people walking through the store are living out the most brilliant of untold stories. Dramatic? yea, I know.

I canโ€™t live without faith. Faith in others, faith in myself, faith that life is designed to be good.

Love, Steph