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Anyway, there I was, my 30 year-old-self, staring at the persimmons as if they were calling to me. I was transfixed with the image of eating and cooking with the persimmons just like the March sisters did (or at least Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon did). So after a long discussion with the kind farmer about which kind of persimmon was best for baking with (hatchya is the way to go!) I went home with a bag full of fruit and dreams of peaceful baking.

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Neat & Clean in 2016

Do you ever wake up, look around you, and have no idea how you got to where you are in this very moment? 


The other day I sat up and realized, that yes, Carolyn, you decided to get married to a Partner at an accounting firm with a crazy work schedule who likes to buy fixer uppers. And live in them. You got pregnant, you started this crazy music project with your little sister and yes that little baby is now a toddler and he needs your full attention. Right now. And for the next 16 years of his life.  And no, you didn’t plan that extra rough pregnancy that had you laid out for weeks and forced you to quit your job. And no, you didn’t ask for your child to be sick for 3 months straight last winter causing a gnarly bout of seasonal depression (or was it seasonal?). But for the most part, this is the life you chose....  

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