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Let's Get Married

Let's get married

say you love me, say you love me,
’cause i...I do.

One Friday night, my husband and I decided on a wish-we-had-a-farmhouse-table whim to actually build this table from scratch. We had never built anything together before, and we had no idea what we were doing. Hubby built it without following any real plans--just a few dimensions scratched on a paper.  I painted and sealed it myself over the weekend. We even wrote our initials in a heart underneath. And just like that we had an 8-foot dining room table... that needed some extra screws later on to keep it together… which I never patched. And that’s kinda how we do things.

We had a bit of a whirlwind romance. For our first date we flew to San Francisco for a football game. I know. We were crazy.  My #brunettesestra was rightfully skeptical and told me to make the day trip from LA as short as possible because, “what if it doesn’t go well, and you’re stuck, in San Francisco, for an entire day… with a lame date ?!” Hubby, it turns out, was anything but a lame date... he’s just a bit impulsive and always over-the top.  I swear I fell in love on that first date when he missed part of the 3rd quarter looking everywhere for a hot cup of coffee for me in his Isaac Bruce jersey.

We were engaged after a year of dating, and we kept our engagement to only 5 months. We just couldn’t wait. At some point during the epic wedding planning chaos that happens when you choose a short engagement, I couldn’t help but feel that maybe we should get married this weekend. Forget the napkin colors (which I changed my mind about twenty times), forget the “OMG-did-that-relative-that-doesn’t-speak-to-my-mother-actually-RSVP-yes” stress. Let’s just run down to the church and do it today. You love me, I love you. What else do we need to know?

There’s something about that honeymoon phase that makes you believe you’ll be the ones to beat the odds. The overwhelming sense of love I felt in those first few years with John came with a very strong conviction that we were going to last forever. In this song, I attempted to capture those magical feelings with a sense of urgency--I know it’s going to last forever, and I want forever to start today.

Don’t worry we didn’t elope! But we did get a puppy. Meet Daisy.

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Looking back, I think our Fixer Upper dreams all started with this table. It was so cute, and we were so darn proud of ourselves that we went and bought an entire house to paint and fix. We thought we were going to be like Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper and remodel our dream home in a few short months.  Only we don’t have a crew. And the house came with a dirt track of a yard, Budweiser signs all over, and cowgirls spraypainted on the living room walls. Which means it’s been 18 months and we’re still “fixing up.”

And that’s the thing about being impulsive and always ready to jump head first into a project. I have a little trouble finishing them. This song, Let’s Get Married, was left dangling and unfinished for several years. When we sat down to make the album, it was on the cut list until #thebrunettesestra came in and rescued it. She’s so darn good at the details.